The Ultimate Kukri Knife – Reviewed

The knife with the most value and capabilities is easily the black KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1249. This knife is ideal for chopping, clearing and basic field use – or just a really tough gardener.

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kukri knife with sheath


Main Uses

Chopping weeds
Clearing campsites
Delimbing trees


Knife specs

Blade Length: 11.5”
Overall Length: 17”
Thickness: 3/16”
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Stamp: Taiwan
Edge Angle: 20 degrees
Steel: 1085 Carbon
Grind: Hollow


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Appearance: This is a great looking knife and our personal favorite of any kukri that we’ve seen (we’re partial to the all-black look). The shape of the blade is obviously the classic kukri shape. It is a very front-heavy blade which is perfect for chopping. This means that you’re using more of a kinetic energy of the blade itself rather than exerting a lot of force on your own. The handle is super comfortable. In fact it is a lot more comfortable than most kukri machetes that we’ve held. There is no separate guard, however the handle does have somewhat of a built in guard as the handle flares out towards the blade.

You’ll notice that the handle of the machete has a hole which allows for a small slip rope to be threaded through. This does not come with the knife but we highly recommend that everyone who owns this knife adds their own slip rope for added safety.

The black textured finish is very clean looking and well done. Like most knives, this can be subjected to a little bit of rust so please always use proper oil to prevent that from happening sooner than later. It’s tough to find any complaints with this knife, but one comment that a few other owners have mentioned is that they felt the blade was a tad short. Although we personally don’t see that as a notable issue, to each his or her own we suppose. You will soon discover, though, that any perceived shortness is quickly eradicated once you actually begin swinging the machete. The extra weight at the tip of the knife really does make it seem like the knife virtually swings itself.

best kukri macheteSheath: If purchased through a retailer like Amazon, your knife will also come with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath. The sheath has 2 button straps built in, and we found it unnecessary to ever unbutton the lower strap towards the tip of the blade. Just unbuttoning the first strap allows for the knife to go in and out of it extremely easily.

Durability: This particular Kukri is a full-tang knife. Which means that the part of the blade that goes into the handle, goes the entire length of the handle and is constructed as one solid piece, with the handle built around it. There are several types of tang but full is the tang that you want, especially for a larger machete like the KA-BAR Kukri – which adds to the knife’s overall durability in the long run.

Using the Knife: Kukri knives have quite a rich history that began hundreds of years ago. Because of the practicality of the knife, it has remained the best choice for survivalists. The KA-BAR Kukri 1249 is not typically used as an everyday carry knife, because it is a machete. If you are looking for an EDC blade, we’d suggest the KA-BAR Combat Knife. However this machete still is a solid choice for a lot of survivalists because if its capabilities, and our personal favorite survival knife.

The knife comes out of the box very sharp, users have not mentioned needing to perform any additional sharpening before use.

Can I Throw it!? According to the manufacturer and several Kukri experts – NO. This knife should not be thrown under any type of circumstance. It is not balanced like other throwable knives. As we’ve stated earlier, the tip of the machete has added weight, which makes it perfect for chopping/swinging, and terrible for throwing. Technically speaking, any fixed blade knife can be thrown of course, but for this particular style we would advise against it.

Overall: This is easily a 5-star knife which we can’t recommend enough. If you are looking for a high-quality machete, this is the machete for you. Every survivalist needs a way to cut through brush and this is the ideal tool to do such trailblazing. Whether you need to clear a campsite, or just cut small branches, this is the best tool that we can recommend for the job.

  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Value


This really is the best machete that money can buy. It is incredibly durable, which isn’t just our opinion, rather the opinion of hundreds of reviewers online. The knife looks amazing and performs even better. After initially swinging this machete you will quickly agree.

Pros: The knife looks great and performs great as well. The weighted tip allows for additional momentum when swinging. If purchases on Amazon, it comes with a very high quality sheath. Very sharp out of the box.
Cons: We really can't find any cons for this knife. It is not our personal opinion but some owners of this knife have said that they personally felt that this particular knife was a bit shorter than they would have liked.

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